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True spirit of amateur radio!

April 24, 2020 By: Chris G3YHF Category: Club, Fun, News

Here’s an example of the true amateur radio spirit!!

Back in 2011, Gregg K6GDP – from Salem, Oregon USA – had a contact with the English station M7A.  Gregg discovered that he needed confirmation of the contact to complete his entry for an award. 

M7A is a special callsign used for contests, but the current holder only acquired the call in 2017.  He told Gregg he thought that the call was used by Wythall Radio Club members.

Gregg (seen with a Chinook salmon!) approached our Club, but it wasn’t a callsign we had used. 

Undaunted, Club member Lee G0MTN beavered away though the on-line records of the CQWW SSB 2011 contest.  He discovered that M7A had been used by the Lithuanian radio amateur Jay LY4A, while based in England. 

Having passed the info to Gregg, Lee received the following reply:

“I’m truly grateful for all the effort expended on my behalf.

I’ve sent off a note to LY4Y to see if he can check his log.  If he can, that would be great, but even if he can’t I am gratified to have ‘met’ all of you folks who have been so genuinely helpful in my quest.  

When propagation improves I hope to have the opportunity to meet you each on the air.

Be well and 73,  Gregg”

Glad to be of assistance, Gregg!

Oh, and that Chinook salmon weighs in at almost 40lbs and took Gregg 30 minutes to land into his boat on the Siletz River in the Pacific north-west coast. 

Happy fishing on the air waves and in the water!