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VIP Visitors to G100RSGB!

November 01, 2013 By: Chris G7DDN Category: Club, Fun, News


Graham Coomber G0NBI, RSGB General Manager meets Financial Secretary to the Treasury, Sajid Javid MP

This afternoon, Wythall Radio Club was proud to welcome two distinguished visitors to their activation of G100RSGB.

Financial Secretary to the Treasury, Sajid Javid MP and the General Manager of the RSGB, Graham Coomber G0NBI came to see for themselves how to have fun with RF!

Mr Javid revealed his interest as a 12-year-old in CB radio and how he spent his youth building radio equipment bought from Tandy! He also expressed a wish to visit us again informally in the future. Graham Coomber meantime took to the microphone and worked the RSGB callsign as if it were his own – well, in a sense it is!

2013-11-01 16.32.38

Chairman Mike G4VPD demonstrates a 10m contact to the USA to Sajid Javid MP

The members of Wythall Radio Club would like to thank our visitors for their time in coming to see us and we look forward to seeing them again in due course.

Meantime, there are still stations to be worked, so keep an eye on our live board here to see how we are getting on and if you are in our recent logs.

We are trying hard to activate as many bands as we have antennas for and reach our target of 2000 contacts in 2 days!

(Note: Live Log book and chat facility have now been removed)