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A few postcards from Staines…

March 29, 2015 By: Chris G7DDN Category: Club, Fun, News

The Wythall Crew

(Back) Simon G4TVR, Roger M0GWM, Ian M0IDR, Mike G4VPD, Dave M6HPD (Front) Tim M0URX, Chris G7DDN, Phil 2E0WTH

A good time was had by all – well, that was the verdict from yesterday’s Wythall Radio Club trip to the new Martin Lynch Hamstore in Staines.

In true Wythall tradition, food played a major role in the day…

Starting with a visit for a quick breakfast at the local McDonald’s in Staines, (where no-one seemed to be able to understand a good Brummie accent(!)) to pastries and drinks supplied by the store themselves – and ending, of course, with a pint or two in our home of Wythall House once we got home.

Oh yes, and there was plenty of radio gear to play with too.

We are now looking forward to the official lunch (sorry, launch) date of June 6th when a return down the M40 beckons…

More piccies below..