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Off to visit Martin…

March 27, 2015 By: Chris G7DDN Category: Club, Fun, News

MLS new

Get ready for a full frontal Wythall assault on the brand new MLS Store!

Friend of Wythall Radio Club, Martin Lynch G4HKS, owner of one of the best-known Ham Stores in the UK, has recently moved premises.

Now based in Staines, nearer to Heathrow Airport, Martin still offers the widest range of Amateur Radio gear available.

Quite a few Wythall Radio Club members have visited Martin’s old shop in the past, (mostly for bacon sandwiches and pork baps it should be said) though there has been a rumour or two that money has indeed changed hands!

And tomorrow (Saturday 28th March) a few members are going down to London to visit Martin’s new premises and give them the once over.

No bacon or pork this time, but quite a few folk can’t wait to see the new larger premises Martin has got for himself!

We are told that the car drivers are readying themselves for more weight on the return journey however – make of that what you will…