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Antennas down!

August 18, 2014 By: Chris G7DDN Category: Club, Fun, News

Wythall Radio Club’s main antennas are down! Not because of adverse weather conditions or such like – this was actually planned!

Recently we have purchased a whole new raft of antennas for our club mast, thanks to our friends at Innovantennas and Martin Lynch & Sons. But before anything can go up, the old has to come down!

So it was, that a few days ago, a working party, which consisted of Chairman Mike G4VPD, Dave G3YXM, Pete M5DUO, and John M1JSS, went up to our clubhouse to make a start on the big job.

We are pleased to report that all went very well and subject to some maintenance, it shouldn’t be too long before the new antennas are seen above the Wythall skyline. Of course, you will hear about it first here on www.wythallradioclub.co.uk.

Proof of the hard work of the guys involved can be seen below!