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More antenna developments!

August 21, 2014 By: Chris G7DDN Category: Club, Fun, News

Further to the previous post, Wythall Radio Club members have been busy again on the antenna front!

The club antenna project continues apace – this week it’s been Chairman Mike G4VPD, Stu M0NYP, Rob 2E0MEX and Kevin 2E0NCO getting their hands dirty! photo 1

The fab four managed to get onto the roof at Wythall House and build the first of our replacement antennas.  The VHF and above stack was tackled as a priority. Click on the photos for a better view!

photo 2So now we have beams ready to put up for 23cms, 70cms, 2m, and 4m/6m. The 5 band HF yagi is to follow.

We are sure our friends at Innovantennas will be watching this carefully – we don’t want to be having to order replacement parts before we even get the metal in the sky!

More developments on this project soon – there is a Bank Holiday weekend coming up here in the UK, so if the weather is kind, there may be more news and photos for you next week!