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Field Day Success

October 29, 2015 By: Chris G7DDN Category: Club, Contest, Fun, News

The members of Wythall Radio Club are feeling pleased today with the release of the results of a recent National contest.

Lee & Jamie

Jamie 2E0SDV on the mic, aided and abetted by Lee G0MTN

HF SSB Field Day is a shortwave radio event we enjoy at the beginning of September each year and this year was no exception.

Our small operating team of Lee G0MTN, Jamie 2E0SDV and “Captain” Callum M0MCX worked tirelessly over the 24 hours to make contacts on all allowable bands from 80 metres to 10 metres.

Aided and abetted by other club members supplying support, both emotional and physical, throughout the weekend, we now have the results and it’s a great success for our small band of operators. Wythall finished 6th out of 28 UK Clubs taking part in the “Restricted” section.

Our heartiest congratulations go to Callum, Jamie and Lee and all those who supported them. Perhaps a top 3 podium finish is within our grasp for next year?

(More photos can be viewed by clicking below…)