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Fun-Run Cheer

August 31, 2017 By: Chris G7DDN Category: Club, Fun, News

Chair Anita 2E0DUO receives the cheque from the Fun-Run Committee

Wythall Radio Club are celebrating today. That’s because we are a little better off than we were a few days ago! 

On Tuesday at the Club, we were presented with a rather fulsome cheque – this was in recognition of our assistance at the recent Wythall Fun Run.

Several local charities also benefitted and the Fun Run Committee allocate money according to the help given to the community and the number of volunteers who help them out.

On that front, WRC managed well over 20 folk helping with marshalling and radio communications around the 10km course and it seems the Fun Run folk are very grateful for our help, though it has to be said we enjoy doing it too!

Thank you to all members who helped out in any way and thanks too to the Fun Run organisers for putting on what is a great local event.

We are ready looking forward to next year’s!