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September 04, 2017 By: Chris G7DDN Category: Club, Fun, News

News of some developments on the repeater front at Wythall Radio Club.

The antenna stack at GB3EH

Firstly, GB3WL will hopefully be undergoing some upgrades later this year. Part of the recent money donated to the club from the Wythall Fun Run is being ploughed back into GB3WL in the form of an upgrade, initially to a dual-mode Analogue/System Fusion Digital box.  

This will of course be subject to clearance from Ofcom.  

Later we intend to look at upgrading it still further to a D-STAR and DMR unit too, so that it can be used in 4 modes in total. Watch this space!

And our friendly companion repeater GB3EH near Banbury, with which some of our club members are very closely involved, is having a frequency change soon.

It is moving from a 1.6MHz split to a 7.6 MHz split and coincidentally it is going to be right next door in frequency to GB3WL on channel RU77 – GB3WL is on RU76.

That should make it very easy to change frequency while driving up and down the M40!