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Having fun with IOTA!

July 28, 2013 By: Chris G7DDN Category: Club, Contest, Fun, News

Members of Wythall Radio Club have been living up to our club motto and having lots of fun with RF this weekend with our “Islands On The Air” station, M5W.


Stan G4JGV on the “Graveyard” shift!

Masterminded by Callum M0MCX, a hardy group of members has been up on Wythall Park all weekend, braving the rain to try to make as many contacts as they can, while remaining as dry as possible!

Stan G4JGV was reportedly on air all night on SSB and CW, whilst Rob 2E0MEX, Mark M0MSE, Dave G3YXM and of course, Callum M0MCX and others took turns on the microphone. James M0YOM and Lee G0MTN also helped out and gave some of the overnighters a little rest! Other members lending support included Colin M0GJM, Mike G4VPD and John G4OJL.

Needless to say, the intrepid team have been somewhat damp(!) but are now drying out after a busy weekend. It doesn’t help when the coaxial cable needs changing in the middle of a downpour!

Doubtless there will be more up-to-date news to report from M5W very soon…