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Legacy vs. Digital on Ten Meters!

July 02, 2021 By: Chris G3YHF Category: Club, Fun, News

“Let’s do something really challenging in June!”

So why not choose 10 meters and have a legacy modes (CW, SSB, FM, AM) verses digital (FT4/8, PSK, etc) competition?

Wythall Radio Club has had monthly challenges for its members for some time, but this was something different! 

And so was the DX – countries worked including Argentina, Algeria, Faroe Islands, French Guyana, US Virgin Island and Asiatic Russia.

Ham Radio - QRP: TEN-TEC Century 21 --- Vintage Novice CW RigDespite 10m being quieter than expected much of the time, members took the June Challenge to heart and focused on this band.

Legacy vs. digital gave the Challenge a different flavour and brought a zing to our exchanges on the Club’s Telegram channel!  Some members even managed a net on 10.

Digital mode operators managed 190 qsos against 107 for legacy modes.  The operator contacting the greatest number of unique DXCC entities (Chris G0EYO) was using FT8.  He achieved 57 countries against the highest placed legacy mode operator – John 2E0XET – with 26.

Either way, they were great results for a month’s operating on 10 meters at this point in the sunspot cycle, and with some very sporadic ‘sporadic E’ conditions at the start of June, fading to poor band conditions in the second half of the month.

For July, we are continuing the legacy vs. digital challenge on 20 meters, but limiting power to 10 watts.

Full results are here