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Low power fun in July’s DXCC Challenge

August 04, 2021 By: Chris G3YHF Category: Club, Fun, News

“What can we work using 10 watts maximum?”Romanian QRP Party

“And will digital modes or cw/ssb be more effective?” 

That was July’s challenge for Wythall Radio Club members.

Following the success of the digital vs. legacy mode 10 meter band challenge in June, we decided to try cutting the power so all modes were level.

So July was QRP month!  Photo right source 

Chris G0EYO roared into the lead with his 67 countries worked using FT8 to a low long wire antenna. 

Apart from this stellar performance, the other leading scores on all modes were in the high 30s. 

DX worked using CW/SSB included Georgia, Brazil and Ghana

Operators using digital mode FT8 has success with Greenland, Ecuador and the Lebanon.

We managed two contacts with Asia – Japan and far eastern Russia – but unfortunately conditions were not good enough to catch Australia or the Pacific region.

The full list of countries shows what can be worked with 10 watts, even when conditions are not good!  Well done, Wythall QRPers!