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Morse Mad in May!

May 01, 2016 By: Chris G7DDN Category: Club, Fun, News

“The month of May is traditionally when Wythall Radio Club celebrates Morse Code”, writes Club Morse supremo Lee G0MTN.


Alf G1MJO is the current holder of the shield

“For many years, our late club President Lew Williams taught morse in the classroom. Following his passing a few years ago, we decided to remember him and his passion for morse by having an activity month in an attempt to inspire as many members as possible to progress, to try, to play with, and to use morse code.
The Lew Williams Shield is awarded to the club member who demonstrates the most progression with morse during May – so those relatively new to CW are still in contention with the older hands.  In past years, stories have been shared of nervous ‘first CW QSOs’ on HF, followed by relief and pride upon completion!
It is great to remember both Lew and the wonderful Code in a positive way and come June, we’ll have a club meeting to review what went on, and to award some certificates of merit and of course, the prestigious Shield.”