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News from the sunny South West!

March 24, 2020 By: Chris G3YHF Category: Club, Fun, News

Wythall Radio Club’s members don’t just live in the Midlands!

Kev, G4XLO, who lives in Torbay, sent us news of his exploits.

“I’ve had a good weekend on the air – I logged 43 contacts, most of them on FT8 and FT4 (digital modes).  Also the odd one on Fusion and 2m FM with a local station in Exmouth that I got really chatty with as he is a dedicated QRP operator using no more than 10 watts on any band / mode.  

I logged one new one for the DXCC ladder at the weekend – Romania, not fantastic DX but another EU station I was after, that brings me upto 40 now for the year so far.  

On Saturday evening I head Argentina and Cuba coming in on FT8 on 20m and on Sunday morning Japan as well as China were audible but really weak.

West Coast USA was coming in quite strong over the weekend for me and I had 2 qso’s that were in the range of 4200 miles from my location.

I was out portable on Thursday as I left work early – I went to Daddyhole Plain and parked up for an hour, called CQ on 2m and 70cms FM but nothing came back. 

On the marine VHF channels it was all rather quiet in the Bay!!  There were a couple of ships moored in the area for shelter with a bit of general chit chat between them – that was about it!”

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